As a provider of Erasmus+ mobility we are committed in finding the most suitable markets to perform practical training abroad, where the participants will experience living in other countries and obtain a highly satisfying experience on professional and personal levels.

is specialized agency for the international student and teacher mobility in the field of vocational education and training in the framework of Erasmus+ program. It is based in Ljubljana. We have coordinated and provided various traineeships in different vocational areas for students from all over the European Union as well as job shadowing for teachers and professional visits for educational staff.

We are well aware of the importance of working experiences for young people that are entering the labor market. That is why our mission is to provide the best traineeship experience in a professional and comfortable environment. We put all of our effort to match the education and working experiences of the student with the profession and needs of the companies. We provide quality tutoring to ensure that the students get integrated into the new country and that they get the best working experience. You can read more about the mobility project for Vocational Education and Training here.